Visitor Pre-Registration



All Students must please bring along their Student Card and ID and can be accompanied by a Lecturer

In order to further prevent the public and outsiders from gaining access into Jewellex, a stringent registration process will be implemented. Visitors will only be able to gain access into Jewellex Africa 2019 by following the online registration process:

  • Only the main member of the Jewellery Council of SA will be automatically pre-registered as a VIP and will receive a bar-code electronically. Members’ staff will be required to follow the usual process of registering online and uploading relevant documents. Just follow the prompts.
  • Members of the Diamond Dealers Club of SA and Diamond Council of SA will be required to pre-register online and will not be required to upload any documentation.
  • All persons who are not members of the Jewellery Council will be required to upload a copy of their Business Card / Company letterhead and ID document / Valid Passport / Valid Driver’s Licence.
  • The Jewellery Council will verify each of the online registrations as they will have to check the documents that have been uploaded.
  • We want to discourage registration to take place when visitors arrive at Jewellex as this will be a lengthy process. Visitors who do not register online will be required to bring the relevant documentation with in order for the greeters to verify them before going through the registration process. Exhibitors will need to take responsibility for, and verify those visitors they bring in without documents.
  • International visitors will be required to upload their passport and present a passport number on arrival at the show.
  • Partners, wives or family members will not need to pre-register however will receive visitor’s stickers and must be accompanied by the registered visitor at all times.