JCSA Collection Awards Design Competition 2019

Collection Awards
Design Competition 2019

Attention: Designers, Manufacturers, Students and Learners The Jewellery Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (JMASA), a division of the Jewellery Council of South Africa invites you to enter the Collection Awards Design Competition 2019

A Journey Through A World of Colour

First made from soil, minerals, animal fats and charcoal in Africa as much as 40 000 years ago,
coloured pigments have played an important role in human symbolism and psychology.
Colours have symbolised different concepts to different peoples across time  and culture –
we would love to see your use of colour in the creation of a  beautiful set of earrings.
Use colours and materials that will WOW the judges this year …
Let your creative juices flow …

There will be two categories namely:

Handmade Jewellery

CAD Designed Jewellery


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